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Invitation Etiquette

We highly recommend you speak to your invitees before sending any invitations. A personal email or call is always useful. Letting people know about the reasons why you are undertaking this assessment will provide context and help them feel part of this process.

It is always convenient to clarify that this is a personal development activity and that you value their honesty and support. Reassure them that their answers are anonymous. Finally, be aware that sometimes people get caught up in their busy lives and forget to follow through. This is why we suggest you speak to your invitees first to gauge their interest before the invitations are sent.

What type of people should I invite?

The best people to choose are those who know you well and interact with you frequently. Reflect on the self-evaluation as you go along and select those who are likely to provide the most accurate observation of your traits, attitudes, abilities and behaviours.

It is better to select people that have worked with or known you for at least 6 months. In some organisations, managers like to approve the Raters you nominate. The About my Brain Institute does not suggest one method over the other and it is up to you and your manager to discuss this selection.

Declined Invitations

A Rater may decline the invitation and you will be notified via email if this happens, so you can invite someone else, this will also free up slots if you have reached the limit of 20 raters.

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