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A Self vs. 360° Feedback Assessment

What's the difference?

A Self Assessment is an individual assessment, completed solely by the Participant which gives insights from a single perspective. A 360 Feedback Assessment requires the Participant to invite Raters who also complete the same questionnaire.

The Self Assessment

A Self Assessment is a questionnaire designed to quantify selected aspects of yourself, in order to identify areas of strength and opportunities for development. This is a 128 item questionnaire, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The 360° Feedback Assessment

A 360° Feedback Assessment is a questionnaire that allows you to receive feedback from your immediate circle. This usually includes people from work such as managers, peers, clients, direct reports and other stakeholders that know you well. With this assessment, you also have the option of inviting family members and friends to participate.

The 360° Assessment generates useful information about how we see ourselves in comparison to the perception of others. This enables participants to have a sense of their blind spots.

This 128 item questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Part of this process consists of you completing your self-evaluation and then inviting your trusted circle of colleagues to complete the same assessment for you. More information on Raters can be found here.


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